Call our fly exterminators, today! (562) 645-4245
Call our fly exterminators, today!
(562) 645-4245

North America is home to an excess of 16,000 fly types. The species of fly will depend upon how long it can live, but a life expectancy of about eight days to two months (occasionally even a year) can be anticipated.

Flies are an insect that can be found everywhere throughout the world, excluding the polar ice caps. Flies can overwhelm a property if allowed to get out of control. One pair of flies can have an excess of one million offspring, and what makes things worse is that It only takes a matter of weeks for this to occur.

Informative Information Regarding Cerritos Flies

Flies will bring disease and sicknesses since their bodies are covered up in micro-organisms and their gut has much more.

Flies should land often since their two wings cannot keep them air born for long. So whenever they land, you do not see the thousands of bacteria that is quite possibly left behind. If they were to come down on your silverware or food, they might likely cause major illness for people in contact with the infected surface or item. Loose stool, meningitis and food poisoning are simply some of the potential diseases contracted from this type of contamination.

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