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If you reside in Cerritos, the chances are fairly higher that you may have some kind of mice issue at some time or another. Normally, as soon as once rodents have taken up residence in your home they will look to build a nest and start a family. Take care of it, before it gets to this point. We know that having rats in your home is not sanitary. Your friends may assume things about your hygiene based upon your mice and rats your rat problem you should give our Cerritos rodent experts a call to receive a hassle-free quote.

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The difficult thing about rats and mice is that they. Some people choose to get rid of their rats and mice on their own using traps and baits. This option may be viable, but we know that many people don’t can’t find time to deal with the hassles and are disgusted with the very idea of disposing of the dead when it’s all said and done.

If you do happen to notice a rodent, the odds of more skulking elsewhere in your home are very likely. Don’t worry, though. Even though you’ve found a rat does not mean it is your wrong doing. Rats are good at getting through the littlest of spaces. The most effective way to be sure you don’t have mice attack your place, ever, is to examine all areas around the home whereby they are gaining entry within the property. This may include areas such as around windows and doors, spaces in the attic, basement and even crawl spaces. These spaces should all be thoroughly inspected. Mice can fit through holes as small as a nickel and rats through holes as small as a quarter. If you notice any holes or cracks that a rodent might be able to fit through, even if you think it’s too small, seal it up anyway! When we come out, we will help you discover where these entry ways are.

Our Cerritos rodent control experts can take care of your rodents in a hassle-free manner. The first thing we will do, is evaluate the situation and then establish the optimal form of rodent removal for your predicament. Give us a call right away to schedule an inspection.

If you have questions please do not be afraid to ask us. We’re more than pleased to help and be sure to inquire about the plethora of extermination solutions we provide. Call us now at (562) 645-4245 to learn more!